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Uptime for Manufacturers

Maximize Data Uptime & Keep Critical Operations Running

Manufacturing organizations demand enterprise storage to keep mission critical operations running smoothly. Problems and interruptions with data can result in exorbitant lost opportunities and costs for your business.

TrueNAS keeps business operations running smoothly by providing storage infrastructure that stays online, even when interruptions happen. Ransomware is mitigated with immutable snapshots and high availability keeps your system running, even if the other fails.

TrueNAS Systems provide the infrastructure needed to keep your servers running smoothly and with optimal performance. Systems can be configured as All-flash for maximum speed or Hybrid configurations for a good mix of speed and archival storage for data that doesn’t need to be accessed frequently, thus lowering your overall cost per terabyte.

Trusted By the Majority of the Fortune 500


Virtualization is a fundamental feature of TrueNAS, allowing you to spin up additional virtual resources easily and quickly.


TrueNAS Enterprise Systems can be configured as All-Flash or Hybrid to balance performance and cost.


Don’t settle for subpar storage to manage your data. TrueNAS Enterprise Systems are assembled and supported in the USA.

Collaborate in Real Time

TrueNAS offers universal storage accessible via various protocols. This lets you manage all your data from one central location, scaling effortlessly as your needs evolve.

Comprehensive Storage Solution

TrueNAS® enterprise systems, based on Free BSD or Debian Linux, pair the ultimate data protection and efficiency features of OpenZFS with enterprise-grade hardware to take the guesswork and worry out of storage and data management. Flexible configuration options, including high-availability and all-flash configurations, make it easy to integrate enterprise appliances into any environment.

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