Our Solutions

As a value-adding independent systems integrator, Vallantis carefully chooses the leading vendors it partners with, to consistently deliver our innovative solutions globally

Data Storage & Software

We provide integrated platforms that enable our customers to flexibly and massively scale their data infrastructure; operate without disruption; and easily automate their IT services.

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Cyber Security & Networks

We offer leading products that give you visibility, accelerate network performance; and provide your organization with six pillars of enterprise security, namely, Data, Network, Application, User, Mobile and Cloud Security.

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Virtual & Cloud Solutions

Vallantis combines best in breed converged appliances with virtualization software to create virtual computing infrastructure that drastically reduce deployment time, cost and complexity; and easily scale up as your organization grows

Enterprise Software

We seamlessly integrate day-to-day operations, optimize business processes and workflow, and unleash the true potential of your enterprise with our reliable and future-ready software solutions.