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Cloud Storage

Managing the Cloud

Cloud storage can be a good fit for starting small applications, but its cost can become a burden as those applications grow. Businesses looking to cut storage expenses can turn to TrueNAS®. TrueNAS leverages built-in iX-Storj integration, offering a globally distributed storage solution at a fraction of the price of comparable AWS S3 services. Users report significant cost savings, up to 70% compared to AWS.

Simplify Cloud Access

TrueNAS bridges the gap between on-site storage and the cloud for backups. It excels at cost-effective local storage, but its ZFS replication lets you easily schedule backups to any cloud provider. This creates secure, off-site copies that simplify disaster recovery. TrueNAS acts as a bridge, offering a familiar interface to manage backups while benefiting from cloud storage's potential for scalability and redundancy.

Reliable Data Security

TrueNAS safeguards your data with a multi-layered approach. Its self-healing file system automatically corrects data corruption, while unlimited snapshots enable effortless recovery from accidental deletions, ransomware attacks, or hardware failures. Additionally, full volume encryption and Self-Encrypting Drives offer an extra shield against unauthorized access, ensuring your data remains secure.

Virtualization Freedom

TrueNAS seamlessly integrates with leading virtual machine platforms. This allows you to rapidly deploy massive virtual machine or virtual desktop (VDI) environments – scaling to hundreds or even thousands – in a matter of minutes. With TrueNAS, a single, centralized storage array empowers you to run a multitude of operating systems on a single host, simplifying your infrastructure and maximizing efficiency.

Cost-Effective Scaling

Built upon the future-proof OpenZFS file system, TrueNAS is designed for decades of continuous growth. It effortlessly scales from a modest 10 terabytes to a massive 10 petabytes on a single system. TrueNAS empowers worry-free data storage by seamlessly upgrading to a highly available configuration, ensuring your data remains accessible and protected.


Comprehensive Storage Solution

TrueNAS® enterprise systems, based on Free BSD or Debian Linux, pair the ultimate data protection and efficiency features of OpenZFS with enterprise-grade hardware to take the guesswork and worry out of storage and data management. Flexible configuration options, including high-availability and all-flash configurations, make it easy to integrate enterprise appliances into any environment.

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