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ABC Bank has been a loyal customer of Vallantis for many years now. We have successfully completed several projects with the bank in the domain of IT infrastructure. This includes data storage solutions installing NetApp equipment and data backup and recovery solution installing Commvault technology. In 2022 June, ABC Bank was facing issues with their data storage owing to the end- of-support and end-of-availability dates of some disk shelves. The bank was not able to do a complete tech refresh owing to budgetary constraints for the year. Vallantis provided a solution by restructuring their storage deployment which required minimal capex. This was made possible by consolidating disk shelves and storage controllers which were still under support. Thus, the bank was able to maintain their data center ranking intact which was a must under their quality standards compliance. Vallantis was also instrumental in deploying a comprehensive data back-up solution for the ABC Bank. The technology used for backing up the data was Commvault. The media to which the data was backed up were disks and SSD from TrueNAS. Continuous monitoring was done to ensure periodic upgrades so that all the virtual machines are backed up completely. Effective liaising was done to bring the technology owner and the bank together so that all the engineers were well informed about the new features and the status of deployment at any given point of time.

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