TrueNAS is True Data Freedom

The majority of Fortune 500 companies already use TrueNAS, and with millions of deployments in over 200 countries, TrueNAS is the world’s most deployed storage platform.

World's most popular open-source storage OS

Free and Open Source

Experience storage freedom without vendor lock-ins

Self-healing openZFS filesystem that automatically detects and repairs silent data corruption

Drastically reduce Total Cost of Ownership

Scale-up or Scale-out SAN/NAS/Object Workloads​
High Availability​
128-bit Open ZFS File System ​
Built-in RAID​
Powerful Data Management Tools​
Automatic detection and repair of silent data corruption (and bit rot)​
Linux Containers and VMs​
Best for Mission Critical Storage, Applications, VMs, Scale-Out and Hardware Compatibility​

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