AI / ML for manufacturing companies

Makoro – Artificial Intelligence  & Machine Learning solution for manufacturing asset productivity provides recommendations and predictive insights to maximize uptime of machines. This ensures better workforce engagement and drastically reduces the maintenance cost. Developed by a team with more than 100 years cumulative experience in enterprise solutions for manufacturing, Makoro is powered by robust AI & ML algorithms and leverages on Internet of Things ,IOT, in manufacturing. It can integrate with any kind of existing system like Industrial IOT, ERP, CRM etc. and can ingest data from CNC machines, PLC, SCADA etc. to bring the best of artificial intelligence in factories. Cloud, Edge or On-Premise access models available.

CAMP Automation Software

Camp, the Campaign Automation & Management Platform, simplifies marketing campaigns, by enabling organizations to plan, manage, execute/automate, and analyze campaigns with ease.

A true multi-channel marketing tool, Camp connects with your audience via, Web, Email, SMS, Social, Push Notifications on web and mobile apps. Campaigns such as lead nurturing, offers / promotions, event communications, newsletters, surveys, customer renewals etc. can be run effectively using Camp.

Camp Enterprise is a Through Channel Marketing Automation (TCMA) system, that enables principal and partner organizations to collaboratively execute campaigns. While the principal provides campaign plans, assets, channel decisions, and market development funds (MDF), the Partners manage the last mile effectively.